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Foresight Integrated Solutions, LLC is committed to providing unparalleled security solutions that is customized to meet the unique needs of each and every client. We bring security-preparedness to our clients, equipping stakeholders with the knowledge to recognize threats and respond quickly and appropriately, resulting in the prevention and mitigation of injury to people and/or damage to property. 


Our Clients

Educational Institutions
Houses of Worship
Seniors Socializing
Senior Living
Security Providers
Shopping Centers
Entertainment & Sports Venues
Office Buildings

The benefits of partnering with FIS

We deliver a common sense approach to discussing and training your staff on complex topics, such as violence, in a clear and concise delivery.
  • Your staff will learn critical skills that will help them respond to an unplanned crisis.
  • FIS will facilitate group discussions that are exciting with people inside and outside of your organization. 
  • Our process encourages team building while increasing confidence. Your staff will learn how to work together seamlessly during an emergency practice drill.
  • You will experience improved coordination between organizations, such as local police and fire departments. This will serve to create or enhance those relationships.
  • Validation of your emergency response plan following the custom tabletop exercise, a scenario designed to address your security concerns.
  • Your team will know their role and how integral they are to the process of preventing and mitigating violence.
  • We will increase or maintain the high level of community trust that you now enjoy. Violence dampens trust. 
  • We will help you create a plan that is proactive, rather than reactive.  
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